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Below are a few case studies of my digital organizing work. I'm going to stick with three clients' examples throughout this page so you can see that I take a zoomed out strategic view to the work. I could have created any one of these digital products as a stand alone deliverable, but because I am an organizer at heart, it was important to me that each digital product work in concert with each other to help the client win. 

Video Elements

None of these video elements were the primary deliverable for each client, rather they are each only one small piece in a larger strategy. Ubuntu wanted to turn legislative victory into donor development (I ran and won their legislative agenda), Sails for Sustenance wanted to educate their donors on their mission and turn one time donors into sustainers (I also designed their sustainers program and did all of their Development work), and the 2020-born People's DA Coalition was reeling with the new world of Zoom engagement so I decided to run their candidate forums like TV shows with pre-recorded Doodly clips playing seamlessly to a live moderator. 

Ubuntu Village


This was used by Ubuntu Village to annonuce a major legislative victory and to tell new supporters how to become sustaining members. This clip was made on Animoto with client photos.

Sails for Sustenance


This was used by Sails for Sustenance to show donors' sails being delivered to Haiti (I also took all photos and videos in Haiti) and to promote a new sustaining donor program. This was made on Animoto with my own photos taken in Haiti.

The People's DA Coalition

This one is different because it was used as a pre-recorded informational visual for a live Zoom candidates' forum. I ran the Coalition to elect a reform prosecutor, I designed the policy platform all candidates ended up pledging to undertake, and I made all visuals for the entire project. Community activists read these pre-recorded questions to the candidates. The activist in this clip is now New

Orleans' first reform Sherif and the candidate answering went on to win 91% of the voters I targeted to become America's most progressive prosecutor. This was made with Doodly.


I've created many websites for clients and though most of the domains are expired, the following examples are interesting for several key reasons. Click on titles to view sites. All sites were made on free or inexpensive drag-and-drop editors so clients can edit pages themselves long after my work with them is done!

When I joined, this client was struggling after years of neglect by former Directors. The new Board felt it imperative that a polished image of professionalism and relevance be given to current and future donors. They needed to be positioned as a leading force for direct service in Haiti and they needed to grow sustaining donors. As their strategist, I also designed and ran their donor program, revamped their programmatic work and built international relationships. As their media designer, I used photos taken by their team on the ground to show commitment to their work and I used sleek design elements to communicate prestige. I also designed their Ambassadors for Sustenance program, a classic community organizing approach to public education and volunteer management. 

This is my favorite website template of mine to use for time-bounded single issue or legislative campaigns. Street organizing tactics were important to the success of this campaign, but with Covid raging we had to engage our target base - elder activists - in a way that was accessible to them. This website uses a number of simple and free digital organizing tools that I was able to teach the client and his staff of elder community leaders to use. I wrote a Faith Based Toolkit for supporters to engage the important faith community in direct advocacy that included links to other resources and action pages so the client could track engagement and use supporter metrics to leverage or pressure lawmakers. I also made a House Party for Justice guide to help our audience understand Zoom engagement and to gather engagement metrics via Google Docs so supporters could easily share. I further used Google Forms to build a click-through "Share Your Story" page intended to gather testimony and identify the directly impacted for use in legislative hearings. 

This website was created by a team I led and is the only one for which I didn't do the coding or construction myself. However, I did design the work and write the Coalition's policy platform under the guidance of 31 member organizations and 12 committees. I knew this website would need to present a lot of complicated material quickly and effectively. My design team used auto-scrolling pages and vibrant color schemes to allow the user to skim through our dense policy platform. I created all infographics single handedly via Canva and used them to visually present candidates' positions and other information. This website was not our first step on our ladder of engagement, with most used coming to us from social media or live forums simulcast on Youtube, Zoom and Facebook Live. 

Social Share Graphics 

Sails for Sustenance

This social share graphic was created to autoplay when used scrolled by on Facebook or Instagram. Made with Adobe Spark. 


Ubuntu Village

These are only two graphics from the #DebtFreeJustice campaign. There were 6 graphics total, each outlining a talking point of the campaign and culminating in the ask to call the Senate. These graphics were posted over a 2 week period to drive engagement and education. Made with Adobe Spark.


The People's DA Coalition

I created all of the social content for this client, which was a quite extensive task. Here I am featuring an example of our Instagram stories which were used to dive into a particular tenant of the policy platform. More examples of social posts for this client are HERE and HERE. Made with Adobe Spark and Canva.


An older client, GVPedia, and I worked together to create a gun violence prevention policy platform that we asked all 2020 presidential candidates to sign. As an expert policy maker in this particular area, I directed a 2019 policy and advocacy conference in Denver in which the nation's top minds developed the policies seen in our candidate guide. The final deliverable, linked here, was designed to be viewed online and also to be published as a booklet. We were pleased to have several Democratic candidates pledge support to these policies. Made with Adobe InDesign.

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