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I offer a wide array of creative communications strategies from traditional and earned media, strategic PR, government relations and legislation drafting to unique content creation, influencer engagement and digital advertising to best fit your campaign.

I pride myself on my expertise in building and managing coalitions in a way that brings together the right partners and focuses energy on shared goals while respecting the important differences among coalition members.

Whether you’re trying to influence decision makers or elevate an issue to a wider audience, I can help you get crystal clear on your precise goals, and tailor an approach with you that cultivates, engages and mobilizes third-party relationships, grassroots and grasstops leaders, and other stakeholders to build momentum toward your goals.


Let's take a Journey

Client 1


Leadership is not winning all the time. It is not saying the perfect thing, having the right resume, and some days it's not even wearing the same colored socks! The skills your team needs to lead are already within them. Your crew has learned more from their own successes, failures, losses and joys than any public speaker could hope to "teach" them. Let's give them the permission to dig deep and unlock their potential and their JOY!

Client 7


How do we strive to create change in a world that seems so resistant? How do we draw on an inspiration that is positive and proactive when we are beaten down at the ballot box, in the courts, and sometimes in our own self assessments? Creating social change starts with the change maker. My long and difficult journey of moving the needle in some of the world's most difficult settings is a lesson in losing forward and staying sane.

Client 8


You don't have to sail the four corners of the world to be inspired, you just need to see your own journey in a new light! Each member of your team has a passion driving them that you may not even know exists. Together, we will water that small seed until something wonderful blooms!

Client 6


Being the change you wish to see in the world doesn't happen overnight. We must learn how to confront and unpack systemic issues that are holding back our work and dividing even our own team members. As a life long Southerner and child of Civil Rights activists, I can speak to your team's desire for change as well as their fear of imperfection.

We interviewed Victoria as a subject matter expert and not only found her articulate but persuasive. Her style lends itself to being able to change entrenched minds through candor, charm, and unquestionable intelligence.

Steve Wolfram, WWL TV Producer Journalist


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